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Teachers Managing Stress And Preventing Burnout

RRP $518.99

"Burnout" and "stress" are words instantly recongnizable to those individuals in the caring professions - not least teachers. The education system in its process of reform has been slow to respond to the problem of growing disillusionment in teachers; failing to acknowledge the lack of support and recognition for the contribution teachers make to society. Based on analysis of the psychological needs of teachers, stress and burnout, this book aims to provide insights into the nature ofstress and burnout. It gives practical advice and outlines a programme for dealing with these issues. Specific attention is paid to how teachers perceive the negative factors associated with stress and burnout, why teachers experience such problems and what they can do to alleviate the situation. This book should help teachers to deal more ably with the stresses of teaching and their resultant self-perception. It aims to empower the teacher and return him/her to a position of confidence from which the creative and intelligent output can once more emerge.

Computed Radiation Imaging

RRP $457.99

Computer-assisted imaging with radiation (x- and gamma rays) is an integral part of modern medical-diagnostic practice. This imaging technology is also slowly finding its way into industrial applications. Although the technology is well developed, there is a need for further improvement to enhance image quality, reduce artifacts, minimize patient radiation exposure, compete with and complement other imaging methods (such as magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasonics), and accommodate dense and large objects encountered in industrial applications.

Scientists and engineers, attempting to progress this technology, are faced with an enormous amount of literature, addressing the imaging problem from various view points. This book provides a single source that addresses both the physical and mathematical aspects of the imaging problem in a consistent and comprehensive manner.

  • Discusses the inherent physical and numerical capabilities and limitations of the methods presented for both the forward and inverse problems
  • Provides information on available Internet resources and software
  • Written in a manner that makes it readable by physicists, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists - avoids, as much as possible, the use of specialized terminology without clear introduction and definition

Ultimate Anti-aging Ways

RRP $39.99

Early on in his interactions with his patients, Toshihito Etoh, a Japanese general physician specializing in internal medicine and pediatrics, began noticing that some patients looked much younger than their true age, while others looked a great deal older. Using his experiences with these patients, Dr. Etoh shares his proven strategies for slowing down the aging process in both the body and the mind. Since ancient times, the Japanese have utilized many techniques for keeping fit and living longer; as a result, today the country is filled with active elderly people with average life expectancies of over eighty-five for women and seventy-nine for men. While offering several exercises to help combat aging, stay fit, and maintain a high quality of life, Dr. Etoh teaches others specifically how to know and accept yourself and your body; become aware of and care for your soul; use a combination of focus, meditation, and breathing to combat aging; learn to walk correctly; keep senses in shape while stimulating the brain; choose low-calorie foods that are high in antioxidants. The groundbreaking, practical wisdom provided in "Ultimate Anti-Aging Ways" will help anyone improve overall fitness while nourishing the mind and body."

Fast Talk On A Slow Track

RRP $19.99

Denzel Watson is a fast talker with a system, and it's made him valedictorian. But when he goes to a summer program at Princeton, he takes a fall. How can he tell his proud family that he won't be able to cut it in the Ivy League? Instead, he spends the rest of the summer selling candy, up against "Top Man" Mello, a drop-out with a police record. For the first time, Denzel is forced to take a hard look at himself -- and how much further he could fall. "Williams-Garcia confronts some crucial issues that are generally ignored in YA fiction: issues of class and race, friendship and competition, identity and failure." -- Booklist "Teens everywhere will be able to identify and commiserate with Denzel." School Library Journal, starred review

Engaging The Parking Lot Parent

RRP $15.95


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Ageing Alkaline Skin Care Healthy
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