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Managing Contract Changes

RRP $259.99

Contract changes are a critical part of government contract management, with significant implications for all parties involved.

Managing Contract Changes by Gregory Garrett provides important information, tools, and best practices that show you how to effectively deal with contract changes and avoid the pitfalls.

Specifically, with Managing Contract Changes, you'll receive discussions on the following:

  • The turbulent times we live in and how vital it is to properly and cost-effectively manage government contracts and the changes to those contracts
  • Contract interpretation guidelines, which can be helpful in understanding contract requirements verses true contract changes
  • A simple yet proven effective six-step contract changes management process, which can be used by U.S. government departments and agencies as well as government contractors to achieve success
  • The unique and critical aspects of U.S. government contract changes, namely: the Federal Acquisition Regulation Changes Clause, Value Engineering Change Proposals, constructive changes, unauthorized commitments, and ratification.
  • Negotiating, awarding, and implementing contract changes
  • The contractor's right to seek/request an equitable adjustment for unilateral contract changes and the requirements for processing contract claims with the U.S. government
  • What actions can and should be taken by government contractors to mitigate the risk of litigation in contracts and contract changes and closeout and/or terminate contracts and related contract changes

Managing Your Money

RRP $24.99

This book gives practical real-life examples to help single parents as well as those people who are simply interested in cutting their household expenses down -- but just didn't know where to begin. This book is written by a single mom who knows how to stretch a dollar and who knows simple ways to put money back into your pocket without having to take a second job.

Bianca Armani is a single mom who lives in Georgia. She is currently working on several projects aimed at helping other single parents reach their goals as well as helping to develop outreach programs geared towards single parents and their children.

She can be contacted at for speaking engagements, comments and feedback.

Lessons On Aging From Three Nations: Art Of Aging Well V. 1

RRP $302.99

The demographic revolution - the aging of societies has become a worldwide phenomenon, affecting governments, economies, social trends, relationships amongst nations, and most of all, the elderly themselves and their families. The pace of aging differs amongst nations, however, as do the solutions for the new social needs and the rate of addressing them. Although no two nations are alike, one way for dealing effectively with new social demands is to learn from the creativity, achievements and failures of other societies. This volume examines the issues confronting global aging through the prism of three multicultural nations: the United States, Israel and Australia. All three countries face the challenges of coping with continued immigration, dramatic social and demographic change and the growing nexus of social diversity along with again but have established different infrastructures of programmes, services and public benefits for the older citizens. While highlighting their societies' experiences, the scholars contributing to this book discuss international achievements in meeting the ultimate challenge of aging well, as well as limitations and unmet needs, focusing on the art of coping with growing old, adapting to health challenges, and making a place for older persons in society. The authors not only identify the insights, indicators, and trends that may affect both developed and developing worlds, but also offer practical solutions for enhancing personal and societal well being, thus making the most of this demographic revolution. This is the first of two edited volumes on aging and caregiving. The second volume focuses on challenges and concerns for families, policy makers and governments in caregiving and end-of-life issues. In this way the editors hope to provide clues and suggestions for future research, policies and practices in the comparative study of global aging. This book will be of interest to students of gerontology and geriatrics; those working in nongovernmental organizations - private, for-profit and non-profit agencies, including voluntary charitable and religious groups, those working in national regional and local governments; and all general readers intrigued with the aging of societies and longevity.


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Ageing Alkaline Skin Care Healthy
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